WAKING THE WORLD lyrics & credits

Talia Paul

 Talia Paul: Waking The World  ©2005-2014 Talia Paul (Shakti Rain Songs/ BMI)


Produced by Mark Hallman 

Recorded by Mark Hallman and Andre Moran at the Congress House Studio, Austin, Texas

 Mixed and Mastered by Mark Hallman


All songs written & performed by Talia Paul (© 2005-2014, Shakti Rain Songs/ BMI) except "Waking The World", written & performed by Mark Hallman (Blue Racer Music/ BMI) & Talia Paul.


I Adore You

Talia: Vocals

MH: Drums, percussion, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Hammond Organ



Talia: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

MH: Drums. Bass, Elec Guitar


Waking The World

Talia Vocals

MH:  Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer, Hammond organ,Vocal

Andre Moran:  Elec Guitar


Borrowed Horses

MH: Upright Elec Bass, Elec Guitar, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes


Heart Of The Holder

Talia:  Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

MH: Elec Upright Bass, Pump Organ, Bouzouki, Elec Guitar


Album cover art: ©2014 Cal Peacock (http://CalPeacockArt.net)


Additional art: ©1990-2014 Nina Paul

Back Cover photo: Steve Voegtli

Inside photos: Talia


Steve Voegtli: trusted advisor of music, art & love

Luna: emotional support, bodyguard, cuddler

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Dedicated to Donovan King (1958-2014)


I Adore You

© 2006--2014 Talia Paul (Shakti Rain songs/BMI)


Don't come around here with that old newspaper

It's yesterday's story I've got no use for it now

Woke up so early this morning

I had to build a fire before I opened my eyes and 

I adore you my love


Radio shack playing old Johnny Cash

I turn it up louder to drown out the noise

Ten miles to Tulsa, one more show

Then it's straight to LA for the Billboard radio

I adore you my love


I won't fall on my sword

I won't win an award

I won't say i lied

I won't say that I tried


And on that gray wakening day 

When you see there's nothing standing in your way

I'll come for you my love



I'm not the only one playing my guitar in my basement studio




©2006-2013 Talia Paul (Shakti Rain Songs /BMI)


Alrightie Aphrodite just get in my car

I'll take off my clothes, we'll go as we are

Meet my friend Kali, she's smoking' a cigarette

She's feeling kinda jumpy cause the world ain't taken down yet


And I'm gonna stand here & sing until the darkness is gone, cause

I believe that all true things live on


My exhaust has a leak; i think she talks too much

My battery is dead, Aphrodite pushes and I pop the clutch 

Now I'm racing with Demeter, Saturn is spinning' wild

White horse, black horse; I will never get tired


I'm gonna stand here & sing until the darkness is gone

(Cause) I believe that all true things live on


All this time waiting for you

All this time waiting, just waiting


I'm gonna stand here & sing until the darkness is gone

(Cause) I believe that all true things live on



Waking The World

©2007 Mark Hallman (Blue Racer Music/ BMI) & Talia Paul (Shakti Rain Songs/ BMI)


 Waking up slow

Ice from our wings

Crashing on world below

 Gathering the pieces 

of colors we lost 

In the snow, 


Love lives behind every wall of this garden

A step from insanity’s edge

Peace is a miracle just beyond reach

On the ledge


Waking up slow

As sand falls through 

tiny holes in the glass

Inside out when the moment calls 

For a word that lasts


Head in the clouds on a sunlit morning

Wind washing sorrow away

The maze of the nighttime

Fades in the light of a brand new day


Waking the world

A light on the edge of a dream


Waking up slow in a planetary turn

Speeding as fast as we're hurled

Just for a moment it feels like

We're waking this old blue world


 Borrowed Horses

        ©2005 Talia Paul (Shakti Rain Songs/ BMI)


In my simple wagon I take the road less traveled

God's horses, my hand 

Ditches deep on either side

Through a world yet unraveled


Cities, trees, and open land


Borrowed horses, mine in this lifetime

Steady and wild

Borrowed horses, I let them run,

And rein them in for a while


I am just a messenger, I have no words to offer

That you don't already know

In your face i see a world of 

all questions answered; love lifting just below


Borrowed horses, ours for this lifetime

Let them run

Steady horses, Just let them run and

Rein them in for a while


In my simple wagon i take the roads less wanted

God's hand my horse

Ditches deep on either side and a mind haunted but

I stay the course


Steady horses, Just let them run and

We'll rein them in when we're done



Heart of The Holder 

  ©2005 Talia Paul (Shakti Rain Songs/BMI)


Beauty's in the heart of the holder

You see the world within

It’s not age that makes us older

Doesn't matter where you’ve been


Come with me to edge of the world

Take my hand we’ll walk through

Nothing more than a mind opening

To everything that's true for you


To everything that's true for you


Time is in the hands of the man 

Who who minds the factories and weather

Visions in the water can 

Bring and earth and sky together

Come with me to edge of the world


Take my hand we’ll walk through

Nothing more than a mind opening

To everything that's true for you

To everything that's true for you


You don’t have to be quiet here

You don’t have to be small

You can open your eyes here

You can see through it all


Come with me to edge of your world

Take my hand we’ll walk through

Standing here in the afterglow


Of everything that's true for you

Everything that's true for you.



"Bless your soul and every part of you that dug in, stayed strong, and let it out"

Deneane Carroll

This quote means so much to me. Completing this EP is a great achievement for me & for Mark Hallman, Andre Moran, & everyone who worked so hard on this record.

I started it in 2003, actually, and went to Austin in 2006 to make the record. I wasn't in shape & I was exhausted from a lot of touring & traveling. I tried to do it anyway; I tried as hard as I could and I had a nervous breakdown of sorts & was unable to continue.

I left Austin with my head & heart low, but determined to come back and finish what we'd started. Months went by and years, as I battled my demons and worked so hard for my mental & physical health.

I was hospitalized six times in five years for mental health crises.
I was lost, depressed, and trying so hard to regain my mental health.
It took seven years, but I did it.

With the help of my family, friends, several competent doctors, & God's Grace, I  got back on the horse and found my balance. I started riding.

In 2013, I contacted Mark Hallman & said let's go! Bless his heart, he wiggled me into his schedule and we commenced recording.

In the meantime, Mark & I had cowritten a song, "Waking the world" which ended up as a duet on the EP. It is one of my favorites.

I am excited, happy & proud of this EP. I wish it were a full length CD, but I am thrilled that it's done and in your hands.

If I have a message, it is to persevere. The only difference between success & failure is that success got up more times than it fell, while failure stopped getting up.

Yes I have lived through and have been triumphant over my demons & darkness. I know I am not the only one. I know that many, many brave & sensitive souls also struggle as I have and have defied great odds to achieve their dreams. Bravo to you.

I dedicate this record to all who dare to dream & keep on walking in the darkness even when they can no longer see.

Faith is belief in things unseen. Hope is a result of faith. Love is glowing in the dark. Can you feel it?

All of my love,



Thanks for listening & may God Bless you & yours.


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All rights reserved. ©2005-2014 Talia Paul (Shakti Rain Songs/ BMI)