Talia Paul

Acoustic Guitar Magazine


"Recorded in living rooms, makeshift studios, and at home on a four-track, this excellent independent release is a collection of beautifully sung folk-pop tunes written and recorded all over the country during the past decade. It sounds like Paul is singing journal entries from the road, especially on such songs as 'Gas Money' and 'Four Bald Tires'. The freedom, loneliness, and struggle of the troubadour life are all laid bare in her lyrics, and the listener gets a sense of the real life and real people behind the songs. " 

-Drew Pearce, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"...Beautifully sung songs of beauty... Talia Paul sings with a rich, round, warm and emotional voice sometimes reminiscent of Jane Siberry's but with stronger pipes and, at times, a hint of country twang. The woman can sing! The songs, full of compassion and insight, reflect emotional and spiritual pain, depth and hope among other things. The first 3 songs sound like triple A radio hits. Track 4, achingly beautiful, reveals a strong classical influence and showcases her voice terrifically. Track 8: raw, naked emotion. On the first half of the album, the production is clean and contemporary, full of interesting sounds, both organic and technological. But the songs are strong enough to stand on their own. In other words, the drum loops and filtered vocals are an enhancement, not a cover-up for insubstantial material. The second half of the album is stripped down to just vocals and guitar or piano, extremely intimate. And she carries it off beautifully. The second half also shows Talia's talent for more country and folk writing. Great stuff!"