Talia Paul

Talia Paul

Performing songwriter & recording artist Talia Paul discovered her talent after an encounter with a taxicab door.

 A product of a strict classical upbringing, with an opera singer dad, Talia at first followed the notes on the page, and tried to fill her fathers shoes by singing opera and musical theatre. That didn't go well.

Talia didn't know she could sing, really sing until the taxicab door altercation caused her to be laid up for 2 weeks, during which time Talia (finally) learned to play her guitar.

 Upon completion of her first film as an actor,Talia was given a beautiful classical guitar by the crew in Barcelona. They said "you are always singing!"

 That guitar stayed in Talia's closet for 6 years, until finally, after that blessed taxicab door, she say and learned a few chords. Then immediately started writing songs. Within weeks, Talia had several songs. Then she had a vision where a white horse & Blackfoot warrior came to her with the message: "go to Montana."

 Not one to question her visions, Talia packed up, moved out of her New York City apt, bought a used pickup truck, adopted a dog, and headed out on the highway with little else but her guitar, a box of clothes, her dog, an old army sleeping bag, and roughly 50 bucks. Talia traveled around the country for ten months. She played in bars and camped out. She was protected and kept true to her vision.

 Talia has shared the stage with Lisa Loeb, Andrew Hyra, Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush (of Sugerland), Billy Pilgrim, Shawn Mullins, Lili Hadyn, Will Ray, & John Denver. She has performed at a variety of venues nationwide, such as the Roxy, Genghis Cohen, Largo, & Luna Park in Los Angeles, The Knitting Factory, CBGB's, The Bitter End, Arlene Grocery, and The Living Room in NYC; Eddie's Attic & The 40 Watt in Atlanta, in addition to clubs in over 20 cities across the country and beyond, such as Austin, Nashville, Seattle & Boston.

 As an actress, Talia has appeared in leading roles in several films, television, Broadway & Off-Broadway theater, as well as a variety of nationwide commercials. Talia's songs are featured in several motion pictures & television programs, including  "Dawson's Creek", "Two Ninas", & "Love Happens."

Talia's first album, Trails End, received critical acclaim, as did her second record, "Light Will Come", produced by Joseph Saba.

Talia's new album (with producer Mark Hallman: Carole King, Ani Difranco) is out and online: